Shai Fund rescues 1,940 high-risk individuals from the Taliban

Ten days ago, the United States announced its intent to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan by August 31, 2021, opening the door for the subsequent conquest of the country by Taliban forces in a matter of days. Immediately, Shai Fund sprang into action to evacuate those high-risk individuals whose lives would be in mortal danger should they remain in a Taliban controlled Afghanistan.

The Shai Fund team worked tirelessly to identify vulnerable individuals and families including Christians, women’s rights activists, US government affiliates, and even previous Afghan governmental officials. Working side by side with the Nazarene Fund, Shai Fund operated an extraction unit on the ground to personally rescue countless families from their homes. Despite shootings, suicide bombings and constant logistical changes, Shai Fund was able to rescue over 1,940 high-risk individuals from almost certain death at the hands of the Taliban.

Shai Fund, in cooperation with the United States State Department, liaised with numerous host nations to find safe havens for the battered refugees until permanent destinations can be found. Through its persistent efforts, the Shai Fund team was able to open the door for thousands to flee via evacuation flights out of the Kabul international airport.

Shai Fund’s work in Afghanistan is ongoing and will continue  to support the most vulnerable in Afghanistan.

Thank you for your generosity and for partnering with us to rescue the oppressed and save lives. Please continue to support our efforts in Afghanistan.


Shai Fund serves vulnerable people in high risk situations by providing:

Rescue and medical care

Food, Shelter, and Clean Water

Livelihoods and Education

Crisis and Disaster Response

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